There’s a lot to consider when you start to find apartments on-line. Is it close to work? Shopping and restaurants? Can you lease apartments on line? Call if you need help?

At International Asset Managers, we’ve thought of everything to make apartment living easier. We call it our Satisfaction Guarantee Program. Our motto is Always First Class, Take a look at what we offer:  
Our communities are committed to providing excellent service. Our Satisfaction Guarantee program assure a response to any reported maintenance problem in your home within 24 hours of notifying the Leasing Office (or by the end of the next business day on weekends). If we cannot fix it during that time or do not have repair part to fix your problem, we will place you in the hotel until the problem will be resolved. You will never be alone with your problem, should it be a leaky toilet, non working air-conditioner, broken refrigerator, or anything else.
We Guarantee it. It is worry free apartment living at its best.
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